Kitchen, Living Room & Gadgets

Kitchen, Living Room & Gadgets

Printer & Screen
Computer & Laptop
Television (inc. LCD/LED/Plasma)
DVD or Bluray player & Satellite system
Fridge & Freezer or Fridge Freezer
Cooker or Oven & Hob
Washing Machine & Tumble Dryer

£39.99 per month

Includes kitchen & Living room cover
*Add up to 3 computer Items

Insurance Product Information

*£15 Excess fee for individual claim per appliance
Excess fee can be removed for an additional £2 per month.
Maximum claim amount paid for any one claim is £500

More Reasons to buy from us:

Unlimited call outs
Unlimited repairs
UK based technical and support helpline
Policy price will not increase due to a claim
There is also no age limit on any of our plans
No call-out fee or extra charges for parts and labour

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